Link to MEGA SB

Link to DARKNET MEGA MARKET. When the German police beheaded the Hydra, a real panic began. Which platform to choose? Where to buy stuff now? MEGA is a platform on the Darknet, where stores and users immediately went.

Need a link to MEGA? Go through TOR or VPN.

mega555fzuhxvskevig3ybqc2gozjivjrztcoogb5h2e37fm52ox5bid.onion — official link in TOR

You can use any free VPN or set up TOR bridges.
To enter TOR, you need to use a VPN to bypass the blocking. How to set up Tor Browser? You need to go to the browser settings and specify the use of bridges (request bridges from If you use a VPN, then configuring bridges is not required.

Login through the TOR browser is required. The order is this, first turn on the VPN, then open the TOR browser and copy the link to the MEGA website.

Link to bypass blocking via TOR:

Mega Darknet Market

The Mega Darknet Market is one of the largest trading platforms on the Darknet. It was formed not so long ago, but very rapidly gained popularity. The reason for this is the impeccable preparation and listing on foreign websites. This site is so simple and accessible, it works without interruptions, which is not inferior to the promoted marketplaces.

mega555fzuhxvskevig3ybqc2gozjivjrztcoogb5h2e37fm52ox5bid.onion — official best link in onion browser

Mr. Moriarty

Mega Darknet Markets (MDM) is an international dark web marketplace. It was founded by a Russian businessman and entrepreneur named Arkady Gaydamak in 2014. The website was shut down in July 2017. The MDM was the first market to offer free shipping worldwide, and also the first to be able to sell multiple variants of the same product at the same time.

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What is the Mega marketplace

For a long time, the Mega Darknet site was in the shadow of Hydra and was not very popular, although it was created with Hydra at the same time. However, after the total blocking of Hydra in 2022, user interest in this platform has increased dramatically. Compared to its main competitor, Hydra, Mega Darknet has more advanced encryption protocols and much better protection against DDoS attacks. In addition, investments in the development of the platform from developers and maintenance personnel are simply huge. All to ensure complete privacy and security.

On the Mega Darknet site, the user can easily purchase the same assortment of prohibited goods as before on Hydra, especially since many of the stores have simply moved from there to here. There are also completely new types of goods. The advantage of this platform is complete anonymity, fast internet connection and excellent service.

Mega darknet ссылка

На Мега доступны самые разнообразные товары! Более тысячи магазинов размещены на маркетплейсе Мега, где представлено огромное множество различных запрещенных товаров — от плана и гашиша до героина и грибов. Все, что только захочется. Цены на портале весьма приятные. Помимо запрещенных товаров, можно заказать различные услуги, такие как пробив государственных номеров, покупка поддельных документов, наборы для создания запрещенных средств, фальшивые сим-карты и даже нелегитимные деньги. Те, кто уже воспользовался услугами сайта, говорят о высоком качестве услуг, которые сложно определить даже для серьезных структур. Для получения товара необходимо выбрать магазин, совершить сделку и подтвердить покупку. Клиенту высылают координаты клада в мессенджере, после чего достаточно просто забрать свой заказ.

Assortment of goods on the Mega platform

The list of goods is so large that it is very long to list it, so we will single out only the main groups of goods:

  1. Databases can be bought or sold;
  2. Help in hacking various accounts, for example, mailboxes, a page on social networks, and so on;
  3. Purchase and sale of bank cards issued to front people, forgery of documents, settlement accounts;
  4. Ability to search for information about any person;
  5. Possibility to buy a fake document;
  6. Purchase of proxy servers; Any prohibited substances.

Products that CANNOT be sold on the MEGA marketplace:

  1. Passports and any documents of US citizens
  2. Passports and any documents of European citizens
  3. Buying and selling currency

Important! It is very convenient that you can buy goods at any time of the day or night, the site works around the clock, the processing time of the application is several minutes. The range is constantly updated with the arrival of new suppliers. The main thing in this business is to follow the correct link to Mega and you can make a purchase and even choose a bookmark that is favorable for you!

The algorithm for entering and registering on the Mega website

We will make a reservation right away that it is not recommended to go to the site through a regular browser, therefore, in order to bypass the prohibitions, you need to perform the following procedure:

  1. We are looking for a Mega Darknet Market link for Tor. This browser makes it possible to open a prohibited site on the Internet in spite of the prohibitions;
  2. Using the current Mega Darknet mirrors at the link I would also like to note that, unlike Hydra, on which it was impossible to use the site normally without a filter, Mega, although it does not have JAVA Script, nevertheless works very correctly. The process of user interaction with the help of bots has been modernized thanks to the flexible API that developers have. Due to this, the capabilities of encoders are significantly expanded and all processes occur automatically. on the Mega Darknet Market;
  3. Enter the verification captcha; We go through the registration process, it is very simple and takes a couple of clicks;
  4. Create an account to access the Mega Onion Darknet functionality and create an account;
  5. Let’s decipher the buttons between «Login and register»: the button on the left side allows you to change the theme to a dark one, the icon depicting a supermarket cart shows a list of orders, an envelope is needed for personal contact with sellers or customers.

I would also like to note that, unlike Hydra, on which it was impossible to use the site normally without a filter, Mega, although it does not have JAVA Script, nevertheless works very correctly. The process of user interaction with the help of bots has been modernized thanks to the flexible API that developers have. Due to this, the capabilities of encoders are significantly expanded and all processes occur automatically.

Official mirrors and links to MEGA

Since the site is often blocked, customers began to express dissatisfaction that the platform often does not work.

We list the current mega onion links that allow you to get to the site, despite the prohibitions:

When looking for a working site, do not forget that the official link is not valid.

What are the payment methods on Mega Darknet

To ensure the anonymity of the transaction, Mega Darknet uses the following types of cryptocurrencies: QIWI, BTC, XMR — Monero. Bitcoins are not very popular, as the rate is unstable and the transaction can be tracked, while Monero transfers are much cheaper and complete anonymity is maintained, which is very important for such a specific business.

It’s nice that on Mega Darknet, using the withdrawal button, you can withdraw money at any time you need, unlike bookmakers and online casinos.

Compared to Hydra, Mega Darknet has a much more favorable pricing policy. It is important that the goods can be purchased in large cities of Russia, the prices are quite affordable, especially for this year.

To verify this, open the mega darkmarket mirror

Trouble happened and money from Mega Darknet did not come, how to solve the problem?

In case the funds have not been received from the platform, do the following:

  • Using an encrypted communication channel, contact technical support;
  • Look for this button at the very bottom of the interface;
  • Ask the support staff the following question: mega darknet market bitcoin is not coming — the solution;
  • Your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Important information for product sellers

The trading opportunities on the Mega Darknet platform are very profitable due to little competition and an improved interface. If in small marketplaces the functionality works intermittently, then the mega darknet market and its mirror work like clockwork.

Opening your store for trading on the Mega Darknet is not difficult. A pleasant bonus for clients, no percentage of the transaction is charged for ensuring security, since suppliers are carefully checked and the risk of getting into the money is excluded.

The strategy of the platform is such that the policy must be honest, and fraud is completely excluded, disputes are resolved as soon as possible. Some of the nice features include:

  1. Two-factor authentication;
  2. Work without JAVA Script;
  3. The option of priority placement and highlighting the MEGA market from the rest.
People talk about the MEGA site

For dealers on the MEGA DARKNET MARKET site, there are solid advantages: there is no rent, the commission is only one percent after the funds are credited.

How to bypass bans and site blocking

Since you can’t access the site using regular addresses, use the mega onion link for the Tor browser. This browser is specifically designed to get around the bans.

In case this did not help, and the site is still unavailable, the developers came up with a special mega darknet market bot. There you will definitely find the most relevant mirrors for bypassing the blocking. Also, do not forget that incorrect mega darkmarket data can be a common cause of access problems.

Important! All stores in the marketplace work on the principle of bookmarks and do not deliver by courier, especially to major Russian cities.


Completely anonymous Darknet Marketplace Mega. The MEGA website does not use cookies and fingerprint. Therefore, it is simply impossible to track user actions on the portal.

Bitcoin and XMR payment

The marketplace balance is replenished with the confidential cryptocurrency Bitcoin (confirmation in 1 transaction) and Monero (MONERO). Fast and easy.

Single exchanger

The site has a single exchanger built in, so changing rubles to cryptocurrency is as convenient and transparent as possible. No need to choose among hundreds of exchangers and mixers. Favorable course!

Link to MEGA SB

MEGA DARKNET MARKET is the fastest growing marketplace on the Darknet. The MEGA SB site or MEGA SB is a collection of up-to-date links that can be opened through the TOR browser. These links to MEGA can be opened through the TOR browser, as they are located in the .ONION domain zone

The ONION address characterizes sites on the Darknet, in a regular browser such as Opera, Edge, Chrome, Yandex Browser, sites will not open at all — the browser will give an error. If you want to find a list of popular Darknet sites, then go to the Godnotaba website — monitoring the validity in TOR

Mega onion

MEGA link

It is not so easy to get to the MEGA website, go to the right MEGA link, because, firstly, there are a lot of links and a beginner can easily get confused, and secondly, you need to install a VPN and download, and then open the TOR browser. Only through an anonymous browser should you access MEGA links and MEGA SB website links. Recommended VPNs by our team that are tried and tested by time: HIDE.ME, Tunnel Bear, Planet VPN, ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN. To open websites on the Dark Web, you need a stable internet connection. When you have downloaded and installed everything, open the TOR browser and follow the link MEGA SITE mega3mk6kh6zpswqcvuufuim6dv7kkaxmvyswveggtruiurrtoaor7id.onion

Sites do not always work quickly, as competitors can carry out DDOS attacks.

MEGA SB official

mega555fzuhxvskevig3ybqc2gozjivjrztcoogb5h2e37fm52ox5bid.onion — best link in TOR

MEGA SB website: The Mega SB website is a project created to support and develop small businesses on the Dark Web. The MEGA portal was created to help drug shops find business partners, suppliers, investors, sellers, clients, buyers, etc. In Mega SB you can find business ideas, investment offers, vacancies, contacts, articles, news, useful services.

mega market ссылка

Как уже упоминалось, Мега является крупнейшим торговым центром в даркнете. На данном маркетплейсе можно приобрести то, что в открытой сети практически недоступно. Любой зарегистрированный пользователь может войти в один из представленных магазинов на сервисе и купить нелегальный товар, организовать его доставку в города РФ и страны СНГ. Покупка товара доступна в любое время суток из любой локации. Частое обновление ассортимента является ключевым преимуществом этой площадки, что облегчает выбор и покупку товара или услуги.

Мега даркнет

Перед покупкой можно ознакомиться с отзывами предыдущих клиентов, чтобы оценить будущую покупку. Если товар не соответствует желаемому, можно отказаться от покупки. Закрытый интернет-магазин обладает службой контрольных закупок, обеспечивающей соблюдение определённых требований к товарам и проведение химического анализа предлагаемых веществ. В случае обнаружения несоответствия, товар снимают, магазин блокируют, а продавец получает штраф.

Мега Даркнет Маркет

Доставка доступна в любой регион РФ и СНГ с указанием удобного адреса для получения товара. Покупка передается в виде клада, и только после подтверждения доставки и качества товара, продавец получает оплату. Если возникают проблемы с качеством или доставкой, клиент может начать спор, привлекая независимых администраторов Меги. Оплата за товары осуществляется в криптовалюте, причем большинство продавцов предпочитает оплату через внутренний счет магазина. Однако некоторые магазины принимают оплату в рублях через QIWI-кошелек. Администрация портала рекомендует оплату биткоинами, как наиболее безопасный и анонимный способ для проведения сделок. Мега даркнет маркет ссылка — этот запрос очень часто делают новички в поисковиках, так как не могут найти сайт МЕГА.

Площадка MEGA

Лучшая площадка мега даркнет для приобретения ваших любимых товаров и услуг. Главный рост проекта произошел в 2022 году, после того как Гидра разрушилась и все серверы были арестованы немецкой полицией. Уже в мае 2022 года пользователи сделали выбор в пользу MEGA. Рассмотрим, почему люди предпочли именно эту платформу и как МЕГА заняла лидирующую позицию на рынке даркнета.

Сайт мега даркнет

Защита от DDoS-атак
Самый важный аспект в даркнет площадках — это круглосуточная доступность. МЕГА успешно обеспечила высококачественную сетевую и серверную IT-инфраструктуру. Ежедневное обновление и обслуживание платформы вывели MEGA на лидирующие позиции среди даркнет-маркетов.

MEGA SB website

The MEGA SB website, like many other websites, uses cookies that are stored on your computer. Our site uses cookies to remember information about which pages you visit and to improve site performance. Please note that you agree that by using this site, you accept the terms of the MEGA SB Site Use Agreement. Official MEGA SB link in Darknet Market. Buy stuff on the Internet using the TOR browser. MEGA SB is a new project that will allow you to buy legal goods on the Internet: from stuff to surfactants, without leaving your home and without bothering to go to the store. We have created favorable conditions for cooperation for all clients. Register on the site and you will get access to the widest range of products on MEGA.STOR. We offer you a wide range of products, among them: pav, services, bitcoin mixers, monero mixers, crypto exchangers. There are instant exchangers on the MEGA website, with their help you can exchange money for cryptocurrency for safe circulation


The largest DARKNET platform in RUNET

After cutting off all the goals from HYDRA in the spring of 2022, the MEGA site became popular. Many stores have registered on the MEGA website at once. Therefore, we can say with confidence that MEGA is a strong popular platform with a good reputation, the new Hydra.


18 000+


6 000+

Marketplace MEGA

The Mega marketplace is known to everyone on the Dark Web. Here you can buy or sell everything that cannot be bought in regular legal stores. It is located in the Tor network, and it is correctly called “MEGA”, as many people confuse and search for mego, mego and so on in the search engine. All products, no matter what you order here, are transferred only by bookmarks, otherwise nothing. That is, the client receives coordinates by mail with a description of the place and address where his treasure is located. The site works without days off and breaks around the clock. To get to the site, you need to use Tor or VPN.

How to get to Mega if the site is down?

It happens that the site does not open. This happens for several reasons. Firstly, due to the fact that all products are illegal, law enforcement agencies block it, and secondly, scammers attack the site using various tricks. There is no need to get upset and panic. For such cases, there are official Mega Darknet mirrors, in the Onion network. On our site you will always find working links to Mega Darknet.

How to enter and register on Mega Darknet Market

The first thing you should do before trying to enter a website is to download and set up Tor Browser or VPN. This will protect you from scammers and you will remain anonymous online. Next, you should go through the verification captcha, this is protection against bots. Your task is to correctly enter all the characters indicated in it. Once on the site, you will see many outlets located in different parts of Russia and neighboring countries. In order not to run into scammers, remember the appearance of the main page. If you enter your city and product category in the filter, you will immediately get what you need.
Also, scammers often use fake links, where only a couple of characters will differ. It must be remembered that Mega is always in the Onion zone and not in any other. Everything else will be false.

Who buys what at Mega Market

All stores display their products in categories, even if they are narrowly focused. For example, services, substances, weapons, and so on. If you need, for example, to purchase a database, then search accordingly in digital products.

Types of currency and payment on Mega Market

The type of currency on the site is only a crypt. This is done primarily to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Today, you can pay using Monero, bitcoins and USDT. Updates from developers are expected soon so that you can pay with Qiwi, Yumani or other electronic wallets, as well as bank cards, although this is not so secure, since the owner’s wild data may no longer be anonymous. To transfer money from ordinary to cryptocurrency, there is a cryptocurrency wallet. There is also a built-in exchanger, which is very convenient.

Why do bitcoins take so long to come and what to do?

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this. These are the nuances of the blockchain. Therefore, the transaction may be delayed for several hours. It depends on the commission and type of exchanger, network congestion. If you increase the priority and commission, then things will go faster. Just this feature must be taken into account when transferring money.


On the Mega Darknet Market and Mega.Store marketplace, in addition to sales, you can order a consultation with doctors, lawyers, and narcologists, and this, you see, is not enough.

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MEGA is the most popular platform on the Dark Web